Online Lessons in Modelling Clay Sculpture
Online Lessons in Modelling Clay Sculpture

Online Lessons in Modelling Clay Sculpture

Modelling Clay Online Workshop – Make & Bake Your Favourite Foods

A polymer clay workshop to guide children through the creation of miniature food.
The Make & Bake workshop is directed at the 8+ age group with a focus on creating foods with a twist to encourage exploration of colour beyond what is found in the grocery store.

Kind of like play-doh for big kids! Modelling clay is perfect for developing and refining motor skills while letting creativity run wild. 


You can bring your own materials, or optionally purchase relevant materials for us at a discount when ordered with the class. 

Click here to order supporting materials.


Online Workshop timetable

1 x 60 minute lesson is held on the 1st Saturday of each month.

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Creative Kids Vouchers

You can redeem your $100 NSW Government Creative Kids vouchers for the Modelling Clay Sculpture - Creative Kids Online Workshop.


How to redeem your voucher:

  1. Get your Creative Kids voucher from Service NSW
  1. Choose any of our Creative Kids online workshops
  1. Enter your voucher information on the product page (Name as it appears on voucher, date of birth, voucher number)
  1. Your order will be finalised upon authorisation of the Creative Kids voucher


Important information: Please read prior to processing your order

  • Each Creative Kids voucher is redeemable for 1 Online Workshop only and may not be reused with alternate suppliers.
  • Please enter your details carefully so that we can match them with the Service NSW system and process your order.  Use the notes field if you need to provide us with more information.
  • For each voucher that you have, add another single item to the cart and include voucher details.



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