Frequently Asked Questions

How can I claim my Creative Kids voucher?
Every NSW school student is entitled to a $100 Creative Kids voucher to use on creative activities such as art, music, active or dance classes.  A Little Spirit is proud to be a Creative Kids provider and we hope to see your child in our workshops soon.  You can claim your child's Creative Kids voucher here:
Why aren't the art kits free with my Creative Kids voucher?
In March 2022, Create NSW changed Creative Kids guidelines so that providers are no longer allowed to redeem Creative Kids vouchers for art supplies.  We would love to include our kits as part of the cost of the voucher, but since we aren't allowed, we've kept our art kits at the lowest possible price.  
Something has come up and I can't make the date I scheduled for my online workshop!
No problem!  You have 6 months after the date of voucher redemption to attend your class. Please get in contact with us via and we will help reschedule your class to a later date.
Where are your online workshops hosted?
Our online workshops are hosted securely via Google Meet. We utilise Google Meet because no special software is required... just open your google account and join the meeting using the link sent to you.
What about my child's safety?
All our teachers are genuinely passionate about the creative enrichment of children and are holders of a professional level Working With Children Check.
Only those people who have received the class link directly from A Little Spirit may enter the class.
Whilst we respect your decision to hide your child's face from the teacher/class, this does restrict our ability to instruct them.  As an alternative, perhaps you might consider directing the camera towards their artwork?
 Do you host in-person workshops & classes?
So happy you asked!  You bet we do.  We host in-person school holiday workshops which are promoted to our local customers via email and local facebook pages.  If you would like to attend, but haven't received that information, please get in touch via