Sugar Republic Sydney

Sugar Republic Sydney

Casal Brag: My kids don't really like sugar. 

Actually, that's not entirely true.  Millie doesn't really like it.  Alice is completely addicted, so has sworn off all refined sugar... whiiiiiich pretty much forces our entire family to swear off sugar.   But an interactive museum devoted to sugar?  Yes please! 

We took a mental health day from work/school/life and snuck off to Sugar Republic recently. Upon entering, we were transported to a place where the routine of life ceases to exist and laughter reigns.

Creator, Allison Jones invites visitors to leave their adult selves at the door, which I assure you is easy to do!  Sugar Republic tweaks at childhood nostalgia strings as you're guided past a giant size Bubble O' Bill, a wall of Wizz Fizz packets and a gingerbread house decorated with Iced VoVo's & Honey Jumbles.

There is something indescribably joyful about jumping in an entirely pink ball pit, swinging in a space surrounded by fairy floss and having access to a confetti blower button. 

Info and tips below.

x Sally



  • This isn't a "look with your eyes, not with your hands" kind of experience.  You are invited to experience the museum in the way which is enjoyable for you.  Sugar Republic is a sensory experience, which means as a parent, it is stress free.
  • The staff are super fun and helpful.  They offer to take pictures, hand out treats and give suggestions on how best to enjoy the exhibits.
  • Did someone say "Free Ice cream"?
  • Visiting on a weekday meant the exhibits were virtually empty


    • Sugar Republic is an Instagrammer's dream and so staying out of the way of gorgeous girls determined to get "The Shot" became a little tedious. However, there are so many amazing photo ops, if you do love a photographs of your little ones living their best life, this is a great place to get them.



    • Go on a weekday if possible.  With the exception of the ball pit, we were able to enjoy every exhibit alone and without interruption
    • Take socks if you want to enjoy the bubble gum jumping pillow
    • Water bottle is a must - all that playing is thirsty work.
    • Start or finish with lunch or coffee at my kids favourite, The Grounds of the City.  It's an easy 1 block stroll from there.



    • Sugar Republic is located on Level 6 of Myer Sydney City until early May 2019
    • Admission is $39 (adults), $29 (children under 12) and $5 (children under 2). Tickets available via Eventbrite


    Millie wears Jamie Kay Frankie Dress and Dusk Leggings from A Little Spirit. 


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