(He)artful Afternoons

(He)artful Afternoons

As a family, we did not thrive during lockdown.  Honestly, our regular life is not all that dissimilar to our ISO life.  We stay at home, mostly.  We cook at home, mostly.  We spend our free time together, as a family, mostly…. And we garden, all the freakin’ time.  So it has been frustrating trying to understand why, under the microscope of isolation, the difficult moments were more polarising than usual and why, as someone who had for so long been craving extended time alone with family, I found myself so tightly wound and snappy.

I don’t really have the answer to that question, but after an hours long conversation with a beautiful friend today (Hi Jenna), I am reminded that no parent manages to do it all.  All we can really hope for is to be the most positive, gentle and present version of ourselves on that day, at that moment.  And when we can’t, a sincere apology, a little self-reflection and some quality time goes a long way to balancing the deficit.

If you’re like me, and have struggled to find your calm among the chaos we find ourselves in, then do yourself a favour; print out this free little gem and set to work on a wintery afternoon (or two).  If you’re nothing like me, you should do it too.  This art project, and the time spent together doing it,  gave me much needed and treasured moments of calm with my children.  Many thanks to the artist, Jane Donaldson.

My favourite thing about this project is it’s appropriateness for all age groups.  No need for anyone to get upset about painting out of the lines.  You’re going to cut out the flowers anyway, so “messy’ painting actually works well. 



I highly recommend watching the artist’s facebook video on how to assemble your artwork using 3D construction techniques.



How about a lion?  We haven’t completed this project yet, but the artist has created an artwork using the same techniques.



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