Art x Science x Holidays

Art x Science x Holidays

Like most parents,  school holidays mean breaking from the repetition of the school run/lunch making/after-school-activity grind.

In the mid year break, we love to escape the cold Hawkesbury winter and head somewhere lovely and warm.  Buuuuuut, with a new business keeping us busy, that’s not to be this July.

So, these holidays, my girls and I will be on new adventures in old places.  Yesterday, we took a trip to the Carriageworks to indulge in Ryoji Ikeda’s Macro Micro installation.

The work is an invitation to consider the mindbogglingly huge and inconceivably small matter which makes up the universe.  

The work is the result of the Japanese artist’s residency at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) and was several years in the making.

Like most of us who are not Physicists, I cannot pretend that I understand the underlying concepts of the work - and I’m certain that is the case for my daughters Alice (11) & Millie (6). Even so, we were completely transfixed.

I love this type of art for kids.  It’s experiential and unpretentious.  They can walk around and touch.  In fact, their experiencing the art is largely what makes it.



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