Shape Trees Activity

Shape Trees Activity

Spring has sprung, and what better way to excite creative little minds than by painting the change of season! This activity can be enjoyed all year round and is an excellent way for your kids to make a piece of art that they will be proud of!  Oh and ps, we think this one is great for little ones learning their shapes and for big kids who would like to make a stylish note card.

This activity is suitable for Watercolour, Acrylic Paint or Posca paint markers and works really well with bold colours or pastel shades. In this example, we used Watercolour on dry paper to paint the trees and a fine liner to complete the intricate details.

You’ll need:

  1. Good quality art paper
  2. Your choice of medium.  We think this activity works best with watercolour, posca markers or acrylic paints.
  3. A fine point marker, texta or sharpie.  Make sure this can be used to draw over the primary medium you have chosen in step 2.

Creative Kids art activity set up with watercolour, fine liners, paper and water palette.

Let’s get started!

Step 1.

Take some time to find shapes in your garden or in your local park.  Can you find shapes in the trees outside?  We have conifers and turpentine trees in our yard, and in those we can see triangles and ovals, so Millie is going to use those shapes for her artwork.


Step 2.

Start your trees by lightly drawing an outline of the shapes with a graphite pencil. You can create a pattern with your shapes, or place them in more random positions like Millie has.

Creative Kids activity geometric trees using with water colour and fine liner

Step 3.

Select your colours!  The earthy colours we used here are perfect for an Autumn tree look. Beautiful orange, mustard and dark green brings the rustic appearance to life.   For spring, you might choose colours like pastel pink, lemon and mint? By using a simple pallet of three colours, you can create a really stunning artwork.


Step 4.

Fill in the shape using your medium of choice!  Don’t forget that you will need to use a marker to draw over top of the paint, so mediums like oil pastel wont work well.

Creative Kids activity geometric trees using with water colour and fine liner

Step 5.

Let your painted masterpiece dry. You might be eager to finish it off, but now is a great time to practice patience.


Step 6.

Once all of the shapes you’ve painted have dried completely, it’s time to get creative! Using a fine pen to draw in your tree’s trunks, branches and leaves. Add as much or as little detail as you like!

Creative Kids activity geometric trees using with water colour and fine liner

Step 7.

How about adding some extra grass or flowers? You can find inspiration in your very own garden or neighbourhood park

That’s it, all finished.  Stick this on the fridge and admire your masterpiece.


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